Pine Ridge youth and Prof. Illah Nourbakhsh exploring a Gigapan image of Jerusalem

Photo: Lynn Johnson

The images in this magazine contain the stories rather than illustrate them. The stories in this magazine are interactive. Readers are invited to navigate the story sequence, place importance where they choose, and participate in the narration by adding snapshots, commenting, asking and answering questions.

Gigapan Magazine sets out to explore the ways images on can deliver information, convey messages, tell stories, express emotions and otherwise carry meaning. We invite guest editors from all walks of life to engage in this exploration by putting together their own issue of this magazine. Among guest editors and contributors so far are journalists, artists, scientists, middle school students and others, spanning seven continents - including Antarctica.

The individual images and stories that make each issue live on - where they can be viewed and interacted with. Gigapan Magazine website serves them as a themed collection - framed by an introduction and some background information. This website also places these collections in the company and global context of all Gigapan Magazine issues.

We hope to keep adding new voices to this rich visual conversation.

Dror Yaron, Gigapan Magazine Publisher
Director of Outreach, CREATE Lab - CMU Robotics Institue