Can anyone submit content to Gigapan Magazine?

Yes. Individuals or groups - amateur and professional - are encouraged to contribute content. Among guest editors and contributors so far are journalists, artists, scientists and middle school students - we hope to keep adding more unique voices to the magazine. See Contribute for more information.

What is the difference between Gigapan Magazine and

The interactive images and stories that make each issue of Gigapan Magazine live on Gigapan Magazine serves them as a themed collection framed by introduction and background information. The table of contents of Gigapan Magazine links back to the images on

What are you looking for in a good issue of Gigapan Magazine?

A good issue of the magazine is made of content rich panoramas. Its images on include meaningful snapshots, titles and descriptions. We look for panoramas that contain information, convey messages, tell stories, express emotions or otherwise carry meaning.

Are all fields on the entry submission email required?

The more information we receive the easier it is for us to consider a submission for publication. We do recognize that it is not always possible to have all the materials available ahead of time. In some cases we may choose to support an editor as they develop an issue. Please submit as much as you can, and provide any information relevant for pitching your idea.

However, all materials listed in the entry submission email will be eventually required in order to publishing a complete issue.

When can I hear back once I submitted an issue for review?

If you have not received a confirmation from us within a week of submitting your entry - please contact us or resend your proposal. Although we aim to promptly process all proposals, review of entries may take several weeks. After the review we may invite you to guest edit the magazine, or provide feedback for improvement, or both.

What is the role of a Gigapan Magazine guest editor?

A guest editor is in charge of providing Gigapan Magazine with all the materials that make their issue (see submit an entry). They may choose to create all the content on their own, or merely to coordinate the efforts of other willing contributors in making the issue come together (or somewhere in between).

Guest editor may also provide suggestions for the appearance of their issue on Gigapan Magazine website. However final layout and website content decisions will be made and carries out by Gigapan Magazine.

Do I have to use my own gigapan images to compile an issue?

You can use any of the panoramas on in your issue as long as you have the photographer's permission to include those in Gigapan Magazine. You are, of course, welcome to produce and use your own images for an issue of Gigapan Magazine.

Can I only include images that were made using the Gigapan robot?

It does not matter what equipment was used to produce an image. The image does, however, need to be up on in order to be included in Gigapan Magazine.

How many Gigapan images do I need to include with my issue?

An issue of Gigapan Magazine includes ten images. If you wish, you may submit a couple of extra images - we can help in editing the list down to ten.

In what format do I submit the Gigapan images I would like to include with my issue?

The image needs to be up on - in order to be included in the magazine. Please include the full link for each Gigapan, for example:

Can I include images in my issue to go along with my text?

Images can be part of the introduction or background sections. To include images, please attach them to your submission email. See full instructions on Submit an Entry page.

Is there a print edition of Gigapan Magazine?

No. Gigapan Magazine is an online magazine.

What do I get when I subscribe to Gigapan Magazine?

You will be notified by email each time a new issue of the magazine is published.

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