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Gigapan: Chelsey Engel and Kali Wallace

I was introduced to the GigaPan project by Dror Yaron, who worked in the photography studio of the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild at the time. One fall afternoon, Dror stopped by my office at Point Park University with a Gigapan and a laptop. He showed me examples on the website, and explained the use of snapshots as a method of communication between people in distant locations.

From that idea the concept of using the GigaPan as a tool of reportage was born. Dror brought a workshop developed around this concept to my Digital Photography Editing course. Students paired up and created GigaPan panoramas loaded with rich content and snapshots, containg written text and links to supporting photographs. Students presented the images and reporting to the class as a means to garner feedback and share knowledge. This experiment will present new opportunities for students to practice their craft outside the realm of traditional journalism. Many of the images will be printed and exhibited at the Point Park University library during the Fall 2009 semester.

Guest Editor:

As a photojournalist Christopher Rolinson documented day-to-day life in the sometimes gritty communities situated along the Upper Ohio River Valley. He has documented the war ravaged Former Yugoslav Republic of Kosovo and has returned to the region two more times to document and understand the diverse cultures of Eastern Europe.

In 2004 Rolinson began documenting Pennsylvania's state parks and wild places. While a U.S. National Parks Service Artist-in-Residence he documented the hard-scrabbled landscapes and culture of the desert border region.

Christopher Rolinson, Assistant Professor of Photography and Photojournalism, Point Park University Christopher can be reached via email at

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