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Gigapan: Ella Derbyshire

This issue of Gigapan Magazine is dedicated to the people who have spent the winter of 2009 at the South Pole, Amundsen-Scott Station:

R. Todd Adams, Carpenter; David Barud, Materialsperson; Keith Berry, VMF Mechanic; Laurie Brekke, Safety Engineer; Boyd Brown, VMF Fleet Operations Foreman; Patrick Cullis, NOAA Scientist; Ella Derbyshire, Station Physician, amateur astronomer; Steele Diggles, SCOARA Machinist; Bob Dragonfly, Electrician Foreman, FEMC General Foreman, Fire Tech; Genevieve Ellison, Waste Management Specialist; George Fantasia, Maintenance Foreman; Robert Fuhrmann, Science Tech; Michele Gentille, Sous Chef, Yoga Instructor, Correspondent for the Antarctic Sun; Sean Patrick Gordon, Network Engineer; Ernie Gray, Power Plant Mechanic; Nathan Greenland, FEMC Project Engineer; Jude Gregan, Junior Physician; Logan Grover, Winter Site Manager; Weeks Heist, Facilities Engineer; Damien Henning, Materials Supervisor; Jeremy Johnson, Work Order Scheduler; Warren Menough, Power Plant Technician; Jonathan Miller, Research Associate, Aurora Tech; Monty Myrtle, Electrician; Camille Parisel, Research Associate Project IceCube; Lee Parker, Power Plant Technician; Keith Reimink, Production Cook, film documentarian South Pole Winter 2009; Joseph Romagnano, Plant Physiologist, Operator of the South Pole Food Growth Chamber; W. Lance Roth, Meteorologist; Cap'n Jack Sharp, VMF Supervisor; Francis Sheil, Food Magician; Erik Shirokoff, South Pole Lead Scientist, Astrophysicist South Pole Telescope; Kristina Shiroma, Meteorologist; Joseph Smith, Plumber; Billy Stiner, Carpenter; Brian Vanden Bosch, Communications Satellite Engineer; Erik Verhagen, Research Associate AMANDA and IceCube; Emily Wampler, Inventory Control Specialist; Lt. jg Marc Weekley, NOAA Officer; Tripp Whalen, Systems Administrator; Erin Wilkinson, Grub Lugger, Displaced Marine Biologist; Ross Williamson, Astrophysicist South Pole Telescope; Darren Yates, Maintenance Specialist

Guest Editor:

Ella Derbyshire, Guest Editor of this issue of GigaPan Magazine, is originally from rural Rensselaer County in Upstate New York where she grew up with a fondness for cold, remote landscapes and for dark, starry skies. As a physician, she has the opportunity to practice medicine in some of the most remote places on Earth, including Arctic Alaska and the South Pole. Dr. Derbyshire uses photography to share her travel experiences with her children, her grandchildren and with others who are curious about such places but will never venture so far from home.

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