Nut store in Tehran

Gigapan: Payam Rahmani

The name and topic of this edition – culture shop – is a play on words which challenges our perception of traveling. When we travel, what do we experience?

In the "real" world we often experience not the culture shop, but culture shock. As we travel, we often come to realize just how separate we are from each other, inhabiting distant worlds which are not easily bridged.

In this edition we may travel in a different way. We gain access to shops around the world in one space which we all share in common. We become virtual travelers in a virtual space. As such, we also gain the opportunity to not only share and bridge our worlds, but create new ones together.

This edition attempts to do precisely this as it brings together different shops which are separated from each other into one collection and one space.

Guest Editor:

Taya Hanauer, is an occasional artist and nomad. She is currently based in Amsterdam, a Master's student of Cultural Analysis.

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