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Gigapan: Dror Yaron

I chose other images, in conjunction with the CREATE Lab's Dror Yaron, to reflect an alternate meaning of environmental portrait as a snapshot of a a place on earth or in a time that is likely to change or is no longer here.

reating an environmental portrait in this manner achieves the same result: a moment, a person, or a place is preserved and is providing an opportunity to reflect and compare in the future.

Guest Editor:

As a photojournalist Christopher Rolinson documented day-to-day life in the sometimes gritty communities situated along the Upper Ohio River Valley. He has documented the war ravaged Former Yugoslav Republic of Kosovo and has returned to the region two more times to document and understand the diverse cultures of Eastern Europe.

In 2004 Rolinson began documenting Pennsylvania's state parks and wild places. While a U.S. National Parks Service Artist-in-Residence he documented the hard-scrabbled landscapes and culture of the desert border region.

Christopher Rolinson, Assistant Professor of Photography and Photojournalism, Point Park University Christopher can be reached via email at

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