Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

Gigapan: Adonai Rocha

Brasília seems the ultimate modernist fantasy: pristine, elegant, refined , and a remarkable demonstration of lucidity. These shots seem to offer a sumptuousness to that vision. The light, color and panorama provide an exoticism. The modernist utopia of a socially ambitious beauty comes unhinged, when we see in the shadow of the great civic buildings, children living amongst the trees. That this cultivated treat of Brasília arises or was created ex-nihilo (or out of nothing) suggests to me a certain view that the natural process of growth, in all its human messiness, is somehow corrupt.

The experience of the GigaPan in viewing these images provides remarkable intimacy. At the same time I seem a voyeur. And I feel strongly compelled to experience it firsthand.

Maura Doern Danko, Painter, Faculty Humanities / General Education Department, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Guest Editors:

Adonai Rocha was born in 1958 in Brazil. Still a child, he moved to Brasilia in 1967 - when the Capital city of Brasilia was still under construction despite its official inauguration in 1960. Adonai grew up in Brasília and began taking pictures in the 70’s as architecture photographer’s assistant. Due the turmoil and repressive apparatus during Brazil’s military dictatorship period he moved to London, where he studied photography and film. After the opening of the political system and amnesty in the 1980s, Adonai worked in Brasilia as photojournalist for major national magazines and newspapers, and as a freelance advertising and commercial photographer. For many years he has worked in conservation and photographic restoration.

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