Nu'uanu Pali Lookout

Gigapan: Hawai'i Pacific News

This is our Hawaii

The Gigapan Magazine project was an excellent opportunity to experiment with emerging dynamic imaging technology, and to work at producerly skills. We had typical challenges: alarm clocks that didn't go off, batteries with no juice, rain, high winds, big waves, nosey neighbors, malfunctioning equipment, crashed hard drives, and on and on.

HPN Natatorium Crew: Mike, Yuki

At the World War I Natatorium War Memorial producers had to get special clearance from the Honolulu Department of Design and Construction because of the dilapidated and hazardous state of the historic outdoor salt water pool. It is off-limits to the public. We shot a large pano of over 2000 images, and of course ran out of batteries a couple of times along the way. We were there for almost seven hours. Around 4:30pm, HPD (Five-0) suddenly pulled up outside the locked gates. At the same time City and County lifeguards converged. It turned out someone in the apartments above Sans Souci (Kaimana) Beach next door had called the cops and told them we were having a party inside the Natatorium. They had the lifeguard unlock the gates and came in to look around. Luckily our producers had secured the proper permits and we had someone from the Honolulu Department of Design and Construction with an official laminated name tag who vouched for us.

HPN Makapu'u Crew: Annabelle, Andrea, Susanne, Phil

The Makapu'u pano presented it's own challenges, and it took three tries for the crew to capture it's final image. Some of the crew felt the location was cursed, or that some force was working against us, and in fact there is a kapu (off limits) heiau (area of worship) just up the hill from where we shot. The Point Panic crew as well took three panos as part of their contribution, one at world famous Point Panic (notorious for its dangerous summer swells and curious sharks), and two at Kaka'ako jetty after getting rained out on the first day.

We also took three tries to get the Tantalus Round Top Drive shoot done. The first two shoots were executed at night, but it seems our point and shoot camera had limitations. We finally settled for a day time shoot that took in all of the South shore. All in all it was a rewarding experience. The imperfections we stumble through are fantastic learning experiences in themselves, and the true reward of the effort lies in the connections made, and the multiple perspectives we are able to share.

HPN Point Panic Crew: Theresia, Linda, Simon, Hosea, Shannon Mitsutaka, Slavica and Jasmine on Tantalus Mountain

HPN Team Fall 2009:

Ashley Nixon, Brittany Shields, Hosea Erlandiz, Jeremy Lee, Jillian Parel, Lydia Stinson, Kelsey Williams, Mitsutaka Miura, Galina Babiy; Julia Hildebrand, Linda Karlsson, Lucija Ramovs, Romina Adler, Zhuoqi Hao, Jasmine Spearing, Theresia Keupp, Slavica Hansbrough, Shannon Nash, Simon Sakai.

HPN Team Spring 2010:

Mike Ang, Phil Atoigue, Annabelle Beale, Matt Boo, Asha Grant, Susanne Haala, Nicole Kato, Ryan Lam, Chelsea Toyama, Yukiyo Usami, Andrea Vold, Chris Wilson, Joey Zager, Priya Rai

Technical Advisors:

Pete Britos, Richard Palmer, Natalie Lewis, Scott Groeniger

Guest Editor:

The Hawai'i Pacific News (HPN) crew consists of an eclectic mix of international students taking a multimedia course on writing for new media at Hawai'i Pacific University in downtown Honolulu. In the two semesters of the HPU gigapan collaborative project, producers hailed from Kauai, Oahu, Hawai'i (the Big Island), Australia, Norway, Germany, Guam, Sweden, California, Florida, Georgia, Canada, Nigeria, Japan, China, Serbia, Slovenia, the Dominican Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and many other places in between. Imagine all the stories that needed to be told in order to collaborate effectively?

HPN producers write, shoot, design and edit news, entertainment and opinion for several distribution and archival platforms. The Gigapan Magazine project was one deliverable amongst several others. HPN crews self-formed based on affinity, location of interest, pure chance, convenience, prior-friendship, familiarity, etc.

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