"I am from a house built on love and noise"

Gigapan: Donasiah

When I first walked into Wide Angle Youth Media (WAYM) I was embraced by the comradery and jovialness that only exists in a group of people that know each other very well. I was asked question after question, "Can you handle all we have to say, all of our conversations? Our debates?"

Their group identity and mission means something to them and they want anyone new to respect that. They also expected me to be myself and bring my perspective to the table. I liked that.

I immediately loved the spirit of the group and knew we would be able to laugh while working hard together… the way it should be.

Creating our group photo
Guest Editor:

Natalie Tranelli is a community based artist and educator. She studied photography at Pennsylvania State University and received her BFA in 2005. Tranelli began her career working as a teaching artist at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work has now expanded internationally, having collaborated with communities in Brazil, Nicaragua and most recently N'Djamena, Chad, teaching with National Geographic Photo Camp. In 2010 Tranelli co-founded The Baltimore United Viewfinders, a spirited group of eight East Baltimore youth who tell their personal and community stories through photography and video. Tranelli utilizes her passionate energy as she continues to work on art-based projects grounded in the principles of social justice.

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