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Gigapan: Molly Mehling

In early August, a swarm of ecologists will descend on Pittsburgh as the 95th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America will take place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the only meeting venue with a Gold LEED® Certification from the Green Building Council.

Just prior to the conference, ecologists will gather to refine their photographic skills and discuss the use of photography in ecological research and education. The workshop, “Visual Communication of Ecological Knowledge: Photography as Tool of Style and Substance”, will take participants into the field on a public service learning mission. Technical and story-telling skills will be developed as participants explore Panther Hollow in Schenley Park. The resulting images will be used to support the ongoing restoration and outreach efforts in the watershed that feeds the Panther Hollow Lake and other water bodies of Schenley Park.

Miami University Environmental Biology, Honors (ZOO 121.H) students learning how to create images with GigaPan technology. Photo: Molly Mehling

Small-scale, local projects such as the Schenley Park restorations not only improve the usability of the park for community members, but dually provide improved ecological services such as reduced flooding, improved water quality, improved biodiversity, and even buffering of the effects of global climate change.

Miami University Environmental Biology, Honors (ZOO 121.H) student attaching a digital camera to a GigaPan unit. Photo: Molly Mehling

While Pittsburgh's resilient community is internationally recognized for its sustainable choices, there is still work to be done. A convo among scientists and society is needed.
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Molly Mehling demonstrating the GigaPan to North American Nature Photography Association College Photography Scholarship Students on their photo shoot to The Nature Conservancy's Truckee River restoration sites. Photo: Spencer Seastrom
Guest Editor

Molly Mehling, Guest Editor of this issue of GigaPan Magazine, grew up just west of Pittsburgh. As child of the Appalachian hills, she witnessed both the natural beauty of the region and the struggle for transformation beyond its industrial identity. As an ecologist, environmental scientist and photographer, Molly works to generate and communicate knowledge for environmental decision making. In the classroom, in the field and in the community, Molly uses photography to spark and facilitate dialogue about nature, science and sustainability.

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