Gettysburg Reenactment

Gigapan: Alan Chaffee

This issue commemorates the Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1-3, 1863. The battle was a turning point in the American Civil War, with the Confederate army pursued in retreat into Manassas, in Virginia. Casualty estimates exceed 40,000, including civilian Jennie Wade, who died when bullets from the battling armies struck her home. The Battle of Gettysburg is remembered each year in Pennsylvania through a reenactment held July 1-3.

The panoramas featured in this issue include the reenactment; important battle sites of Cemetery Hill, East Calvary Field, and the Wrightsville Bridge; hallowed grounds at Harrisburg, Evergreen, and Zion Hill Cemeteries; and galleries at the Pennsylvania State Museum and National Civil War Museum. The images reflect deepening awareness and remembrance of the role of African-American soldiers and civilians in the Civil War. Central Pennsylvania communities have undertaken an ongoing restoration of the resting places of African-American soldiers. A corps of high school students is using Gigapan to document these restoration efforts. Their work will be featured on the July 2012 issue of Gigapan Magazine.

Guest Editor

Laura Mayfield Tomokiyo is a Project Scientist with the Global Connection project of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute. Laura led the Carnegie Mellon team in the Civil War Trails project, a joint initiative with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Community and Economic Development and The National Civil War Museum. As a high school student in North Carolina, Laura studied the Civil War with teacher Fred Kiger, and on the class's annual trip to major sites of the Civil War, marched across Gettysburg Battlefield with her classmates. The memory of being in that place, of seeing first-hand the sites of historical scholarship, personal narratives and fallen souls, inspires this selection of panoramas for virtual exploration by students around the country and around the world.

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