Gaudí. Sagrada Família. Barcelona Spain

Gigapan: Christopher Strebel and Carolina Guerrero

We have been visiting architectural sites and buildings for many years because of our mutual interest, excitement and curiosity concerning well designed space and buildings. In the past we would document our visits with photos and get a feeling for areas by walking physically through the space and readings about the intents of the architect or designer.

In 2008 Christopher started working on the Gigapan Dialogues project, a joint UNESCO and Carnegie Mellon University venture which required using and teaching the Gigapan technology. It became very useful to use the Gigapan on our trips to architectural sites. In time we learned how to best leverage this technology to get the most out of our visits. We were able both to improve the way we think about taking the panoramas as well as documenting with the Gigapan.

Though we have improved our use of the tool we recognize there are many ways to improve upon the way we have used the technology. That is one reason we are excited to share this theme with you. We hope that others will use the technology in the context of architecture, find the technology valuable in this context and find new ways to further its use in this field.

Guest Editors

Christopher Strebel was Project Lead (2008-2009) for the Gigapan Dialogues Project, a joint venture between the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Carnegie Mellon University. As part of the project he trained students, teachers and school administrators on using the Gigapan technology and integrating it into classroom projects and the school curriculum. At UNESCO/IBE he was in charge of web communications and working on projects promoting information and communications technology (ICTs) in education (2004-2010). Currently, he is the Web Editor-in-Chief at the World Health Organization.

Carolina Guerrero is a Pratt trained international architect who has worked on numerous residential construction and renovation projects in France, Switzerland and the United States. She has also worked on a module of the Gigapan School Dialogues facilitating student discussion on architecture.

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