Marine Stadium Hallway

Gigapan: Jay Hirschfeld

The images for this issue of Gigapan Magazine were created by photographer Jay Hirschfeld and feature high-dynamic range imaging (HDR) in conjunction with the use of Gigapan imaging technology.

HDR is a digital photography technique that combines multiple exposures (in this case, three) of the same image to allow the creation of a single photograph containing an extended range of exposure information. Consistent exposure across 360-degrees would usually be difficult to obtain in the spaces featured in this issue due to the amount and size of exterior openings in the structures as well as the presence of dark, unlit corners. Because of this, HDR tone mapping techniques have been used to generate both consistent exposure across the image and also to yield highly saturated colors and extremely vibrant details.

Certain images featured in this issue of Gigapan Magazine are also being printed on silk and other textiles for use in the apparel and design industries. Use of digital textile printing in this way marks the first time extreme-resolution HDR imagery has ever been used to create fabric.

For more information on printing on fabric, please visit the Chiral Web Site.

Guest Editor

Jay Hirschfeld is a photographer and fine artist specializing in extreme resolution imaging techniques. His gigapixel resolution high-dynamic-range photography technique was featured at the Fine International Conference on GigaPixel Imaging for Science at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010, and also has been featured in local and national press. In addition, his extreme-resolution prints have been featured in fine-art juried shows and have won awards in photographic competitions.

Jay lives between New York and Miami, running Cineflock, a new media and design company, and Chiral Apparel, a high-resolution digital textile printing company.

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