Cikaniki Stream, Indonesia

Gigapan: primaseason

GigaBlitz December 2011

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Guest Editors

Ken Tamminga is professor of landscape architecture and on the ecology faculty at Penn State University. His interests include ecological design and restoration, riparian urbanism, and regeneration of degraded social-ecological places. His work in inner-city Pittsburgh, Ghana, and the low Himalayas seeks to promote community/landscape co-resilience in the face of climate change and other stressors.

Dennis vanEngelsdorp is a Sr. Extension Associate at Penn State University. His research interests include honey bee epidemiology and pollinator health. He is the director of the partnership, and will join the entomology department at the University of Maryland in January 2012.

Alex Smith is a professor of molecular ecology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. His interests include biodiversity and cryptic species. He works in both field and laboratory to integrate field and molecular biology into questions of ecological and evolutionary importance to conservation.

This project was produced by Mary Jo Daines. Since 2008, Mary Jo has worked in the CREATE Lab helping scientists around the world use Gigapan to document and communicate their research with their peers and the public.

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