Rio de Janeiro

Gigapan: Eduardo Frick

Rio de Janeiro

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Eduardo Frick is a 46-year-old photographer, multimedia and web publisher, and lifelong student of finding artistic applications for computer-aided technology. He is self-taught in computer science, database development and desktop publishing systems.

At the turn of the 21st century, Frick abandoned publishing books and magazines to open a web development and consulting business, where he now manages several websites and has a development team.

As a photographer, Frick was one of the first Brazilian photographers to utilize the GigaPan Epic Pro and consider panoramic photographer as a means to highlight his work and the work of many other established Brazilian photographers. Much of his work focused on football games in Rio de Janeiro, which gave him stadium access to produce GigaPans of the Brazilian Championship games and Copa Libertadores.

As a digital artist, Frick is best known for creating videos and images with fractal software. His other interests include producing musical vignettes and soundtracks for videos and creating psychedelic electronic music on old synth machines.

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