Butler Wash, Utah

Gigapan: Robert Mark

Rock art panels are composed of carvings (petroglyphs), paintings (pictographs), or both. Most are prehistoric, and occur at sites all over the world. They are being destroyed by natural processes (erosion and weathering) and by human actions (construction, vandalism, theft, etc.). It is important to document rock art sites for both research and management. Photography is a major tool in the documentation process, and has benefitted from developments in digital image enhancement like Rupestrian CyberServices and DStretch, and the stitching of mosaics and panoramas. Gigapans have provided a major addition to the photographic documentation toolset.

Guest Editors

Robert Mark, Ph.D. and Evelyn Billo

Robert Mark (Chief Scientist) and Evelyn Billo (CEO) founded Rupestrian CyberServices in 1997 to pursue rock art research, documentation, and education.

While working on a US Geological Survey project around 1980, Evelyn and Robert were asked by the park superintendent to evaluate the geology of the newly discovered solar marker on Fajada Butte. Thus began their enduring interest in rock art studies.

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